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Why is Equity Valuation Services different than other appraisal services?

Recent changes in lending regulations have caused appraisal fees to be impacted. This has led a trend toward appraisers working from home or with small offices in order to minimize overhead. The result is a closed environment that lacks the Synergy of a pool of experienced professionals who continuously consult and assist each other. At Equity Valuation Services, we all benefit from the wide range in technical and geographic expertise available with five licensed/certified appraisers.

In addition, our high volume adds to our knowledge/data base of numerous properties we’ve appraised. We have inside information on properties that smaller offices do not. Our close association with the local Appraisal Institute chapter provides us the ability to consult with our commercial counter-parts when required.

In addition, we maintain a full support team that includes personal assistants, a full-time in-house review specialist, office managers and a full production staff. This allows us to provide a level of service that other appraisal offices cannot.  We are continually updating our systems with the latest appraisal technology, and furthering our education into the latest regulations and appraisal techniques.