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An "appraisal" is a process, not a report. The analysis and conclusion are part of the process. Although all appraisals must comply with USPAP, As long as all conclusions are adequately supported and the workfile is complete, the reporting process can be altered to the clients requirements. From the oral reporting of a range in value, to a full self-contained narrative appraisal report. We a wide range of valuation services specifically designed to your specific requirements:

1) Home-Measurement/Floorplan; We will hand-measure the home, if feasible, to determine gross living area as defined by industry and market standards.

2) Limited-scope valuations; shortened-format reports for private investors and lenders that do not require full fnma/hud compliance.

3) Full Self Contained analysis for litigation, legal purposes such as divorce, bankruptcy, estate taxes, insurance claims, valuation disputes, dissolution of partnerships, asset management, etc.

4) URAR/HUD/FNMA reports. The traditional format required by lenders and government agencies.